• September 20, 2021

New Nordstrom sweater may be ‘not just for men’

NEW YORK — A new Nordstrom cashmie sweater has been released.The sweater is described as a ‘nordic sweater’ and will be available starting May 4.The sweater is made of 100% merino wool and features a unique ‘Nordic scarf’ patterned in a soft, creamy blue that is woven into the neckline.Nordstrom also announced that they will…

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How Nordstrom Cashmere sweaters have gotten a face lift and a new look

Nordstrom is moving away from its traditional black-and-white look and embracing the gray color palette.The retailer’s latest cashmere sweater was launched Tuesday and it features the company’s new gray paint, as well as a new grey-and/or black-on-white paint finish.The grey paint is a nod to the retailer’s longstanding support of children and families, according to…

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When to wear a wool sweater

When I was little, my mother was a sweater collector.When she grew up, my mom wore a sweater in every sweater she bought.She loved the fabric, the shape, and the texture.But she didn’t like the colors.She’d love to have her favorite color, and she’d also like to wear it in a different color, but her…

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How to shop for luxury clothes from Nordstrom

The biggest retailer in the world is selling luxury clothing at a discount in its Nordstrom stores.Nordstrom, which has been one of the hottest retailers in the tech industry for years, is opening up its first Nordstrom discount stores in select cities like New York, San Francisco and Chicago.The discount stores are in major urban…

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