• October 11, 2021

How to buy cashmere goats

What is cashmeather goats?

Cashmere goats are not wild animals, but are part of the Australian cashmere industry.

They are grown for their fur, used as a finishing product in jewellery, and even in a lotion for the skin.

The animals have a special wool that has a special structure that allows it to dry quickly, and the goats are kept in the warmest parts of the bush to avoid heat damage.

Cashmere is a hardy animal, but you can only get a goat that is fully grown.

You can’t breed them, or grow them in a greenhouse.

So to make money, the producers use wild animals.

“It’s a very, very difficult industry,” said Melanie Huggins, a researcher with the Australian Cashmere Society.

The goat industry is not only about making money, but also raising awareness about the animal welfare issues.

“People are aware of animal welfare, but they don’t know much about the goat industry,” Ms Huggings said.

“And that’s the biggest problem we have.”

The goats are often slaughtered and left to rot on a farm in the country’s far north.

They have no way of knowing how their meat is treated.

“We don’t have a way of tracking down who’s buying and selling,” Ms Tapp said.

The producers who slaughter the animals often take out contracts with the state to buy back their animals.

The contracts are not legal, but Ms Huggleins said the government had agreed to let her work on a case involving a goat farmer.

“They’re very keen to get their goat back,” Ms Waugh said.

Ms Huggens said the industry was also a significant source of revenue for the country.

“That means that in the long term it’s a huge economic asset to the Australian economy,” she said.

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