• September 21, 2021

How to buy the best cashmere coat in the world: From designer to everyday garment

You’ve probably seen the tag line to a $1,000,000 cashmere jacket before.

But what you might not know is that there are several ways to buy it, all of which have different qualities.

The first is to buy cashmere in bulk.

“When we were talking to designers, we were asking, ‘What do you buy in bulk?’

They’re like, ‘It depends on what the brand wants,'” says James Houlihan, a fashion editor at Vogue who’s been following the cashmere market for years.

“And we’re like ‘What are you talking about?’

And they’re like: ‘We make the clothes that the designers love.'”

Houlich also noticed that cashmere is sold in bags that have been hand-carved and stuffed with feathers.

“I always think that cashmi­res are a good idea because you get a nice bag, and you don’t have to spend too much on them,” he says.

“But you’ll want to go big on them, because you’ll get more stuff.”

If you’re looking for a bigger, better deal, Houli­hans recommends a brand like Zoya.

“They are making all the cashmires in one big bag, with a huge amount of feathers on them.”

That means that cashy bags will look like they’re stuffed with a million feathers.

Houlithan says that he’s sold more than 400,000 bags and that he knows of a few that have sold for $1 million.

“You’ll see that when you walk into Zoya, they’re selling a bag that’s probably the most expensive one in their catalog,” he explains.

“If you want to buy something that you want, that’s something to buy.

You can’t go wrong with them.”

Houliahans recommends Zoya because he likes the look of its bags, but if you’re in the market for a pair of leather gloves, the label’s cashmere options aren’t far behind.

“It’s a good, well-known brand, but you don-t want to pay more than $300 for it,” he notes.

“So, that $300 is really for the quality of the workmanship.”

For that reason, Hulihans recommends checking out one of the company’s other cashmere brands, such as Pinnacle, the company that makes the Pinnacle Cashmere.

Huliahans also suggests checking out Zoya’s other brands, as well as brands like Gucci.

“Pinnacle is a really good brand, and it’s an old-school cashmere,” he points out.

“There’s an air of exclusivity about it, but I think it’s really a good one.”

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