• September 4, 2021

A new type of cashmere is making its way into the fashion industry

A new kind of cashomilk has been making its rounds in the fashion world, and its name is cashmere. 

It’s an all-natural, colourless, fibrous and gel-like material, used to make things like cashmere blankets and mittens, and is sometimes sold in its own packaging as an alternative to cotton or wool, according to The Fashion Institute of Technology. 

But in the last few years, the industry has taken notice of its unique properties, including its ability to absorb moisture and absorb oil, according Toffee Rana, associate professor of textile engineering and the senior lecturer in textile science at RMIT University. 

The oil can then be transferred onto the fabrics, allowing for more luxurious, silky fabrics. 

The colour is a combination of the pigment called red pigment, which is used in dyeing pigments, and the fibres of the plant called the cassia tree. 

In its purest form, the colour can be found in the cashmere, which can be sourced from the cashamilk plant in Pakistan. 

“It’s a natural fibrous material, so it absorbs oil quite well, and it also absorbs moisture,” Rana said. 

But the colour is not just for the fabrics.

In the past, Rana says, it has been used to dye fabric in China. 

It’s not that cashmere doesn’t absorb oil.

It’s just that the colour of the fabric is quite different from the colour in the oil. 

This, Rina said, is because the colour absorbs oil from the environment. 

Rana says the cotton or the wool could absorb oil from soil and water, and not just from sunlight. 

While the cotton is soft and flexible, the wool absorbs the oil quite easily. 

According to Rana and others, the use of oil-free fabrics could be a way of making things like baby and child-sized garments more affordable, as the oil can be transferred to the fabrics at room temperature, which allows for a longer life and a higher quality. 

So far, Rna and her team have developed a process that allows for the transfer of the oil-containing fibres to the fabric at room-temperature, allowing them to dye fabrics in a cost-effective way. 

They’re currently working on a more advanced process that could make it possible to transfer oil to the cotton as well. 

However, the process does not require a lot of space and can be done at home, so Rana hopes it will be used more widely. 

What are the advantages? 

“There are a lot more benefits, including being able to do things that we wouldn’t be able to with cotton,” she said.

“So it can be used in fabrics like sweaters, or as a replacement for cotton wool, or in other things, for things like the babies in the baby blanket, or for other things like that. 

For some of the fabrics we dye, there are also some advantages to using it as an oil-absorbing fibres that we can transfer onto the fabric, which we can use as an additive to dye the fabric. 

That’s important for the future, because as the textile industry matures and more and more fabrics are made with oil-based fibres, it’s likely to become increasingly popular.”

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