• September 3, 2021

Why the pink cashmer is back in fashion

You know the drill by now: a girl wearing a pink suit, pink shoes, and a pink backpack with pink cash merges with an old-school image of the woman in her 20s and 30s, the image of a woman of color that has been slowly fading in popular culture.

But, in a new documentary from PBS, “Pink Cashmere,” actress, activist, and activist-turned-activist Cheri King explores the changing landscape of the pink, cashmere, and other merino wool.

The documentary premiered on PBS on March 2 and will air in full on March 3.

King tells me about the film’s inspiration, the pinkness of her wardrobe, and why she loves the wool.

King is the executive producer of the documentary, and it was her co-director, Julie Dibbell, who helped put the idea into motion.

Dibbell and King, who are both white women, met in 2014 while filming the Netflix series “Walking Dead.”

In addition to sharing their love for the genre of reality TV, King and Dibbergs shared their hopes for the future of the cashmere industry.

“Pink is so important to me because it symbolizes a lot of things that we’ve always been thinking about,” King says.

“I wanted to make a film that represented the history of the genre, the history behind it, and to also take a look at the way people are making money from it.

I wanted to be able to see what people were making from it.”

While King has long admired merino for its strength and durability, she had a hard time accepting the new-look, white-washed wool, which she called “boring and boring.”

“I didn’t understand why people were buying the new, white stuff,” King recalls.

“When you wear the new stuff, it makes you feel more comfortable.

But when you get a new, new wool suit or a new pink sweater, you’re like, ‘I feel weird wearing that, because it’s not a new material, and I can’t wear it.’

I was confused.

I thought, ‘Why would anyone buy the old stuff?'”

The new merino also has a way of making people feel uncomfortable, especially if you’re not used to wearing it.

“It’s hard to wear the old wool suits and white sweaters and stuff because they feel too white,” King explains.

“It’s like you’re wearing a dress and it’s all white, and you’re feeling uncomfortable.”

King is an avid consumer of luxury brands like Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton.

But her personal favorite, the wool she wore in the documentary is actually made in a very different way, by a company called Merino.

“The new pink cashmesh has more energy and is much more vibrant,” King tells me.

“The merino is just a softer, warmer, warmer color.

I love that.”

King believes that this new, merino-inspired wool will ultimately be better for the planet.

She’s excited to see how merino will be used in the clothing industry and hopes to get her hands on the merino yarn she’ll use in the film.

“I’m hoping to get the yarn in the next few months, and then hopefully, we’ll be able get the clothing to market,” King continues.

“Hopefully I can get the whole thing to go into production.”

King hopes the film will bring a sense of hope to those who may be struggling to find a way to embrace the pink and cashmere.

“If we can create this sort of hope and change that is necessary to get people to look at their clothes and not think about them as just a fashion statement or something that they can wear to work, I think that that is a really powerful message,” King told me.

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