• August 19, 2021

How to save on your wedding bill with a cashmere gift shop

When you’re going to spend money for your wedding, you should be prepared to put it all in cash.

But if you’ve got a budget in place, the money you spend on gifts is only half the story.

We’ve rounded up our favourite cashmere gifts for weddings and events.

You’ll find all the perfect cashmere things to make sure you don’t miss out on any of them. 

Find out more about cashmere from our Budget guide When to buy gifts for your weddings: Weddings are a great time to invest in a gift for your guests.

They’ll feel more connected to your relationship, and that’s something that can’t be said for many other occasions. 

The first time you’re planning a wedding, or you want to give something away, there’s no doubt that your guests will want to buy the things you have. 

For your wedding guests, a cashpetting mat is one of the most popular ways to do this.

They’re inexpensive and will save you a lot of money. 

You’ll need: Cashmere fabric A few balls of yarn A needle A small sewing kit A sewing machine You will need: 1 ball of cotton wool 1 ball of silk A piece of fabric  The sewing kit can be bought for around £10 (US$14) or £25 (AU$35). 

A couple of balls of thread can also be used, although they’re not necessary. 

A knitting needle can also work as a fine needle if you’re using a fabric fabric. 

An embroidery hoop is ideal for this purpose, but you can use any needle. 

 To start, you’ll need a few balls (you can buy a smaller ball from a craft store) and thread. 

Take your yarn, and tie it up in the same way you would a knitting needle.

Then you’ll tie the yarn in a knot on the needle.

This knot will form a loop that will make the fabric roll. 

Put the needle in the loop.

Tie the thread on the loop, and start knitting the fabric.

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