• August 17, 2021

How to dress for a life spent on the road

In a bid to live on the run, some women will go on a cross-country road trip in a cashmere sweater and fleece jacket. 

Read moreRead moreThe idea was hatched by the women who travelled from across the country to join an international team of volunteers to create a clothing line that has been selling in New Zealand. 

“The idea is to help support our local community who have nowhere else to go,” said one of the team members, Joanna Cuthbertson, a writer from Wellington who has been working with the volunteers to get the word out.

The project, called  Cashmere Sweater and Jacket , has a long history, having started when a couple from Melbourne were looking for a cheaper alternative to traditional winter jackets and the pair realised that they were actually looking at a way to save money. 

The pair created a crowdfunding campaign in 2013 and raised $16,000 of their $300,000 goal, which has since grown to $170,000.

They then raised $40,000 in 2015 to make the first batch of clothing and the second batch in 2018.

The clothing line has now reached 100,000 members, with $25,000 donated from the campaign’s original donors.

“The reason why we’ve been able to raise so much money is because it’s not just about a product, it’s about supporting people to do good work,” said Ms Cuthberttson.

“It’s really about people who aren’t necessarily the best in the world, but who are out there working hard and doing what they can to make a difference.”

The team hopes that the new cashmere sweaters will help people to go out into the world in style.

“If you’re in New South Wales or Victoria, you might be able to find some clothes to wear at the supermarket or go out to a coffee shop, but if you’re from Sydney or Melbourne, you may not be able get to a supermarket, or you might not be in the mood for a sweater,” Ms Cotttertson said.

“There’s not much out there to wear in those areas, so we wanted to get rid of the stereotype of just being a sweater, and help people out who maybe don’t want to wear a sweater.”

The group has created a series of shirts and jackets for each region of New Zealand, and plans to continue working with other volunteers to bring more clothing to New Zealand’s shores. 

Cashmere Sweaters are available at local shops and on Facebook.com/CashmereSweaters.

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